Photo Series #01: Monsoons- Under a heavy rain

Today, I want to inaugurate a new initiative that I hope to repeat every week, time permitting. The idea is to publish, once a week a photo series of 10 or 12 frames, on a specific topic, like an online exhibition.

These photographic series will also be posted on my profile Instagram and Twitter, as well as on my main website and any photos from the series can be purchased as a signed print.

The photo series of this week is titled:

Monsoons – Under a heavy rain 

These 12 photographs tell of an afternoon in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam, at the end of the monsoon season. As I walked, suddenly it broke loose a heavy storm and in these cases, the only thing to do, even to save camera and the equipment, is to find a shelter somewhere.
But rather than being bothered, I turned this situation into an opportunity and I began to observe and photograph, always from the same point of view, what was happening in front of me and how the life of the Vietnamese people, perennially driving a motorbike, was affected by the heavy rainfall.

All the pictures have been taken using a Leica M (typ 262) and a Summicron-M 28mm f2 ASPH lens.

(To purchase signed prints of these photos, please go to my website, here.)

Thanks for watching, I would highly appreciate any comment or criticism to my pictures.