The Wellenstein trail, 8 km hiking along the wine road in Luxembourg

While waiting for the next trip and venting on my insatiable desire to photograph, I took the time to dive into the green of the Luxembourg hills. Just a few miles from the city, there is the “route du vin (wine road), 243 kilometers through a romantic river landscape covered with acres and acres of vineyards that, following the sinuous shapes of the hills, designs very interesting patterns.  A long route bordering on the Moselle River, one of the major tributaries of the Rhine.

Wellenstein’s trail, along with the tracks of Riesling.

Not knowing exactly where to go, I searched on the internet information about some trails and casually I chose to do that from the village of Wellenstein that lasts for about 8km, crossing also a protected natural reserve. The cultivated vine in this area is the Riesling, from which comes an excellent white wine.

Here is where to find all the details and the map of the trail:


Free Spirit and Leica M

The choice of the t-shirt I wore on this trail was not casual, “Free Spirit”, but exactly reflected the desire to relief myself from all the stress of the city and so walk and photograph in nature, as a free spirit, in fact. And so it was. With my faithful Leica M and my wonderful wife, I walked for over two hours, bringing home some beautiful photos, plus a pleasant feeling of wellness and serenity.


Following some pictures I took with the Leica M typ 262 and the Summicron M 28 f2 ASPH:


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