Dietro la lente, Sabino…

In photography, I bring a lot of my education as a graphic designer, used to always working with images and colours. No photo that I take comes from chance, on the contrary, I always look for a more visual character of reality, playing with points, lines and surfaces, but also by combining colors and shapes, empty and full, both structural and emotional.

The shape is important to me in the composition of a photo as important as the content.

In the content, I put the stories or situations that I can tell through the photos. Well, telling is the other aspect that made me fall in love with photography. His incredible ability to tell stories, whether it’s just with an image or a series of shots.

Behind the lens, I observe the world around me and I feel at ease there. Photography for me is an abstract process that is born and comes to life in the mind, a combination of vision and anticipation. The vision (or imagination) that always makes me see the photo before taking it and the anticipation of what I think or feel will happen in front of me. And the eyes to sublimate everything at the moment of the final shot.

My story

My name is Sabino and I am a passionate and professional photographer and graphic designer based in Luxembourg, with strong and vivid Italian roots, my home country.

I was born in Mola di Bari, cradled by the sea of a small fishing village in southern Italy, in Puglia. I strengthened my experience and my professional skills in Milan, with a three-year degree from the European Institute of Design and a master at the Leica Akademy (with Bruce Gilden) afterwards.

Thanks to another couple of masters at Magnum Paris with famous photographers like Jerome Sessini and Larry Towel, I dug deep into my passion for photography and broadened my vision and my education to the image.

Today, after a long life experience, I work as a professional photographer with a main focus on People and Food photography for corporate, documentaries and editorials.
Technically speaking, I’m a Leica lover and I mostly use Leica equipment because I think they perfectly represent the essence of photography while keeping the quality at the top.
I have lived in Luxembourg since 2006, but I often travel around the world for private or professional matters.

My favourite trip? Vietnam, for the amazing scenery and beautiful Vietnamese people.

My favourite food? Sea Urchins, Fish, Octopus, Focaccia and tiramisu

My favourite lens? 28 and 75mm

My favourite camera? Leica Q

My favourite photographers? Ferdinando Scianna and Alex Webb

See you around and thanks for being here,